2002 Kawasaki JET SKI Ultra 150.

Using the feedback from years of racing, the 2002 Kawasaki JET SKI® Ultra 150 watercraft is designed as the perfect powerhouse for personal watercraft enthusiasts, including champion Kawasaki JET SKI® watercraft racer Chris MacClugage.  The nine-time national champion, ranked as one of the top riders on the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) racing circuit, has seized numerous victories on this high performance musclecraft.

As would be expected of a race-winning watercraft, the Ultra 150 boasts the most horsepower of any JET SKI model with a 1,176cc three-cylinder, two-stroke engine.  The intake manifold is angled back 45 degrees to create a downdraft effect for the trio of high-flow, constant velocity-type carburetors.  A variable speed oil pump reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke.  The result is more power and better efficiency under a greater variety of operating conditions.

Each of the three aluminum cylinders has its own water jacket to ensure cooling capacity matches the high power output.  The cylinders utilize lightweight, wear-resistant Nikasil plating for maximum heat dissipation and counter balancers at both ends of the crankshaft to make this the smoothest running Kawasaki triple ever produced.  The engine is also rubber-mounted in the hull for a comfortable, vibration-free ride with reduced structural noise.

The engine is fed by triple 40mm constant-velocity carburetors, providing smoother throttle response and better fuel economy.  The carburetors are linked to the direct current digital capacitor discharge ignition (DC-CDI) system by the Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC) throttle-position sensor.  The system works by using independent timing maps for each cylinder based on engine speed and throttle opening for quick throttle response and acceleration.

For maximum engine performance, the Ultra 150 uses a water-jacketed dry exhaust system that separates cooling water from the expansion chamber, allowing exhaust gases to flow completely dry and free from power-robbing water vapor.  This water insulation also suppresses engine noise and lowers the temperature of the aluminum exhaust components for reduced engine compartment temperatures.

To transmit the Ultra 150's awesome power to the water, a mixed-flow jet pump is placed low in the hull to provide maximum "hook-up" and acceleration.  This highly efficient design provides for the highest possible water-flow while keeping physical dimensions and weight to a minimum.

The handling and stability of the Ultra 150's hull perfectly match the high performance engine.  Using technology from Kawasaki JET SKI® Racing professionals, it features bulkhead-type construction for high rigidity and reduced weight.  The deep-V design provides precise handling characteristics and slices cleanly through choppy water while the water intake on the bottom of the hull is shaped to enhance ride quality.   Plus, the molded Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD) minimizes spray that might reach the operator.

To further enhance the Ultra 150's handling, an electric variable trim adjustment switch on the left handlebar gives the operator precise control over the hull's attitude in the water.  The highest position trims the hull to a neutral position for reduced drag at high speed.  The lowest position trims the nozzle downward 10 degrees, allowing the deep-V hull to slice more deeply through the water for tighter turning.

Convenient features abound on the Ultra 150.  The top deck allows easy access to the fuel and oil tank fill spouts located under the front hatch cover.  A generous 15.3-gallon fuel tank permits extended riding, while the variable-rate Superlube oil injection system with 1.2-gallon oil tank supplies the right amount of oil to the engine at all times, eliminating the need for pre-mixing gas and oil.  A multifunction digital instrument panel includes fuel level, oil level, speedometer, tachometer, hour meter, trip meter, trim gauge and important warning lamps.  An easily accessible glove box permits the operator to keep keys or a wallet handy while additional storage in the bow compartment holds larger items.

As Chris MacClugage can testify, the 2002 Kawasaki JET SKI Ultra 150 watercraft is the ultimate racing machine, with precision handling, aggressive styling and high performance.

•High-performance three-cylinder, two-stroke engine •CDCV carburetors •Digital CD ignition with Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC)
•Variable-rate Superlube oil injection system •Variable electric trim •Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD) •Full instrumentation
Twin adjustable mirrors •High-efficiency mixed-flow pump