May I begin by saying that your web site looks great!!! I am the PROUD owner of a 71.3 mph 1999 Ultra 150. (modified by Kirk Bryant at Watercross of Texas) Anyways, I was reading the "disturbing" email on your web site. The story on that was, Kawasaki advised the dealers on what and how they needed to drill the exhaust on the 99's. HOWEVER, they failed to mention what size bit needed to be used. And therefore, most of them were drilled to large. The 99 is designed with a relatively dry exhaust. The reason for the exhaust sounding different and the slow down is because of the "over-sized" hole allowing to much water into the exhaust. If the guy who wrote that can't get a "new" 99' pipe... tell him a 2000 will fit, and may even give him a 1-1.5 mph gain on top end. During the modification process, with out going into detail of what is done, of my Ultra, even after all of my mod's I was only able to clock a 57.5 due to the recall modified exhaust. After placing a 2000 pipe on there, I consistently ran 67.8 and a top speed of 71.3 @ 7010 rpm

We at Ultra150.com would like to thank the writer of this email for the invaluable info on the resolving the 199's ehaust problem.