Kawasaki Ultra 250X


Kawasaki has finally stepped up to the plate and answered our demands. Kawasaki has been relying on their STX platform for far too many years. They had not introduced a new Musclecraft since 1999! There had been quiet talk, rumors and just plain gossip for the past few years that Kawasaki was working on a new ski that would be supercharged and perhaps have a new hull; well this is no longer a rumor. For 2007 Kawasaki has introduced a brand new hull with a familiar name and engine.. Introducing the 2007 Kawasaki Jetski Ultra 250X. The Ultra 250X will carry the proven 1500 CC 4-stroke powerplant that has been powering the STX15F now for several years but with some slight modifications. Oh yea, did we mention it also has a power adder in the form of a roots style intercooled supercharger. The roots style supercharger will add great acceleration that you do not see from a centrifugal supercharger or a turbo; this is a big plus in the watercraft world. The other big news is the new hull design. Kawasaki did their homework and used information from their winning race crafts to design a hull that will stand above the rest. They also redesigned the pump which is now a 155 mm 8 vane pump. The future looks very bright for Kawasakiís newest addition and we here at Ultra150/250.com will be right here to keep you posted. In the next few weeks we will be upgrading Ultra150.com and bringing a whole new Ultra250.com site to light.. Be sure to visit our forums daily to keep posted on new products and performance updates of the new Kawasaki Ultra 250X.. †


Ultra250 LX (non supercharged)


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