Carburetors, Reeds & Flame Arrestor
Speedwerx Kawasaki Ultra 150 Carburetion Components
Speedwerx has worked tirelessly to come up with the ultimate in carburetion. The result is a perfect match for our Power Package. What sets our system apart from others available is the exclusive circuitry designed by Speedwerx and manufactured by industry leader NOVI performance. You won't find these carburetors anywhere else. Our lightweight billet intake manifold is CNC-machined and is designed to be used with Moto-Tassinari reeds. Tau Ceti carbon fiber flame arresters top off this impressive system. Precision jetting specifications for every kit ensure peak performance and championship-winning reliability.
Call for P/N NOVI Max flow 48mm Carburetors
ULFP Hi-Volume Fuel Pump Kit
VF-V2W150-3 Moto-Tassinari Reed Valves
ULIM Speedwerx Intake Manifold Kit
ULFLAK Flame Arresters Kit
R&D Ultra 150 Monster M-16 Reed Valve
The Monster is everything you've ever wanted in a Reed Valve. This valve is the door to power, open the door and unleash the Monster in your engine. New from R&D with over a decade of development the low lift, high flow sixteen port Monster M-16 power valve advances reed technology into the 21st century. Improving bottom end punch, midrange pull and overall performance.
R&D Ultra 150 Power Plenum Filter
The new R&D Power Plenum for the Ultra 150 is now available. Dyno tested and championship proven Power Plenum Filters generate the maximum airflow and volume, period. Which means more horsepower, increased throttle response, acceleration and top speed. The exclusive lightweight R&D design incorporates velocity stacks and is engineered to improve air speed. The unique Pro-Lock base allows for quick removal, for those spontaneous carb adjustments. They are maintenance free, all you have to do is bolt them on and go.
R&D 200-00140 KAW. ULTRA 150 1200cc FOR (STOCK CARBS)
Two time Pro 785 National Champion Nicolas Rius knows how to breathe.He knows more air means more horsepower, increased throttle response, acceleration and top speed. R&D dyno tested and Championship proven Power Plenum Filters generate the maximum air flow and volume, period. The exclusive lightweight R&D design incorporates velocity stacks and is engineered to improve air speed. The unique Pro-Lock base allows for quick removal, for those spontaneous carb adjustments. They are totally maintenance free, all you have to do is bolt them on and go. Immediate Championship performance Kawasaki ULTRA150
K&N Flame Arrestor 2.5
K&N Flame Arrestor 2.5" Tall by 3x4" Tapered Cone

Kawasaki 750 - Kawasaki 900 - Kawasaki 1100 - Kawasaki Ultra 150 - Polaris 785 Pro - Sea-Doo 720 - Sea-Doo 800 - Sea-Doo 951 Limited - Yamaha 701/760 - Yamaha GP800 - Yamaha 1100/1200 - Yamaha GP1200R
K&N Adaptor For 46mm Mikuni
This adaptor will allow you to use a K&N flame arrestor.

K&N Adaptor For Kawasaki 38/40mm Keihin
This adaptor will allow you to use a K&N flame arrestor.


Coffman's new Ultra 150 triple pipes!
"Lightning Series" Ultra 150 Triple Exhaust System We are proud to release the newest addition to the Kawasaki line up with the Ultra 150 Triple exhaust system. These pipes provide an incredible 50 horsepower gain over stock with a powerband that is literally arm wrenching and explosive everywhere throughout! Installation is very straight forward with spring loaded double jacketed pipes leading to billet aluminum flanges and then into a 3 into 1 collector to the stock waterbox. These pipes are completely double jacketed for maximum performance gains and powdercoated a metallic starburst black for extreme effect. The only requirements to run with this system are aftermarket carbs (we suggest the Buckshot 47 or 50's) and an aftermarket prop. Stock porting, head and waterbox were used to achieve the 50hp plus gain! The "Lightning Series" Ultra 150 exhaust system is a must for closed course racing, endurance racing, or just going out there and blowing your friends away.
Factory Pipe 1200 STX-R & Ultra 150 Triple Pipe System
Factory Pipe and Kawasaki Jetski® Racing have been working together since the team’s inception. That’s why when Kawasaki decided they wanted a set of high quality, high performance triple pipes available to consumers for their Ultra 150 and their new STX-R they naturally came to us. We dyno tested several tuning specs including the current Kawasaki Jetski® Racing pipes and came up with a very impressive 50 horsepower gain over the stock pipe when used in conjunction with a modified Kawasaki Ignition (available from Factory Pipe). This massive gain in horsepower adds over 8.5 mph to the top end as well as a huge increase in acceleration
Domes and Heads
ADA Billet Head Kit - Ultra/STXR
44cc domes - +10lbs - 92+ octane
42cc domes - +20lbs - 92+ octane
40cc domes - +30lbs - 98+ octane
38cc domes - +40lbs - 105+ octane
36cc domes - +50lbs - 108+ octane
32cc domes - +70lbs - 112+ octane
Includes head shell, domes, aluminum head washers, and orings. Head shell is clear anodized for protection against corrosion. This head is completely sealed by orings, no head gasket required.
ADA Head Shell - Ultra/STXR
All ADA Racing billet heads are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined for consistency and performance. Clear anodized for protection against corrosion. This is the head shell only. Includes orings that fit into the grooves in the head shell, aluminum spacer washers, and brass fittings.

R&D Billet Heads areCNC machined billet aluminum and designed for high performance.

R&D Ultra 150 Cast Aluminum Head
The new Red Head from R&D will get your Ultra 150 motor running. This affordable precision cast design delivers all the performance of billet without the staggering price tag. Raising the OEM compression ratio boosts the horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range, increasing acceleration and speed. Available in 36cc and 42cc ranges and comes with all hardware. (Girdle kit hardware sold separate).
CDI and Ignition controlers
R&D Ultra 150 Engine Control Unit
The new R&D Ultra 150 ignition is now available. This bolt-on Engine Control Unit offers performance advantages that include boosted spark energy, higher rev limiter settings and improved ignition timing. The four timing curves were developed by R&D's "motor king" Bill Chapin to deliver the performance needs of a wide range of engine combinations. These exclusive ignition curves are pre-programmed and switch selectable. The rev limiter is also adjustable allowing rpm limits between 6400-9500 rpm.
Boost the power and performance of your Ultra 150 with the new R&D E.C.U
Orings and other Componets
Exhaust Outlet - Ultra 150
Polished billet aluminum exhaust outlet with clear anodizing for corrosion protection. No noticable sound level increase. Includes stainless mounting screws. No performance increase, but it looks great!
ADA Dome - Ultra/STXR
Billet dome includes compression(OR043) and dome top(OR020) orings. Squish relief is .015" @ 80.5mm with a 16° angle.
Fits: Kawasaki Ultra 150

This is a complete o-ring kit for your ADA billet head.
Includes these orings:
3 - or049 outer oring
3 - or043 compression oring
3 - or024 head to dome oring
3 - or020 dome top oring
Fits: Kawasaki Ultra 150

ADA 90° Water Bypass - 3/8"
Billet polish aluminum 90° water bypass.
Fits 3/8" waterline.

ADA Fuel Pick-Up - Ultra 150
For aftermarket carbs that require an individual supplyline for each carb 3 fuel supply lines, 1 return, and 1 vent Billet aluminum body, black anodized Includes in the tank filters for end of supply lines. Not for use with stock carburetors!
R&D Ultra 150 Engine Shims
Engine Shims are essential for precise engine alignment. R&D Engine Shims have a tab that provides easy insertion and removal. Shims are made of stainless steel and have etched numbers to identify thickness. Shims available in thickness of .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", .030", .050".
R&D 291-15000 KAW ULTRA 150 MIKUNI 44/46mm
Ultra 150 Pet 2100DX Tachometer
The PET 2100DX Tach is water resistant and will monitor two-stroke single, twins and triple cylinders to 10,000 rpm within 10rpm accuracy. Functions including: peak rpm memory, hour meter, rpm recall and constant rpm display.