**Ultra 150 / Shreadmaster ride Plate ** high speed recommended!!!
This ride plate produces a 100% straight high speed tracking line in all water conditions. Specifically needed for once the Ultra leaves the water (boat wake hop, etc) this ride plate commands an imperative straight tracking line immediately upon water contact (no squirliness or 90 degree unwanted out-of-control hook turn) just hammer down action now! This performance ride plate is "absolutely NOT" just another commercial aftermarket knock-off "Pump Cover"
One of the best bolt-on performance enhancements you can do to your watercraft is to improve upon its handling and stability. Whether you're a recreational rider or a world champion clocking sub 19 second slalom runs, R&D Ride Plates offer unparalleled stability and control. Today's watercraft are capable of unbelievable performance and top speed levels. Voted #1 by the readers choice awards, R&D Ride Plates have been tested far beyond the limits of these new breed of machines. When you're going fast, you need total confidence. R&D Ride Plates increase rider control and handling. Designed for the ultimate ride. Super Jet and GP 800/1200 Ride Plates now available in carbon fiber.
R&D Ultra 150 Ride Plate X-Tension
Quicker Plaining
Eliminates Porpoising
Improved Cornering